Foundational Supporters Campaign

Forty years ago, Paul Mousel founded St. Francis Center Long Beach. Paul led a simple life of service: feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and clothing the tattered. After his death, the St. Francis Center building fell into disrepair. And so, the poor could no longer knock on those doors to satisfy their hunger and need for help.

But it is now time for new followers of Paul to resurrect his spirit and St. Francis Center. We are honoring Paul’s legacy by planning a reopening of the Center. We plan to feed the hungry five days a week and provide access to basic needs. St. Francis Center has begun a million-dollar campaign to refurbish the building, equip it, and have enough to operate for the first year.

What can you do to help? It is imperative that all of us give as much as we can to address hunger and its side effects. Please consider a one-time or monthly gift. Amounts small or large will make you part of the new St. Francis Center Long Beach, a place where food is given with respect and access to human services is provided for the needy.

Part of our campaign is to look for 100 donors who will give $100 or more each month to support our efforts in Long Beach. These donors will be known as “Foundational Supporters of St. Francis Center” and will have their names displayed prominently on a plaque in the center.

Please share this appeal with your family and friends. Help us to enhance the Long Beach community with this life changing organization. To contribute, please look for the green Donate button at

There will be more communications about progress, volunteers needed, and any other news breaking developments. We look forward to keeping in touch with you through our website and email communications.

On behalf of St. Francis Center of the City of Long Beach, thank you for being a part of our community. We wish you and your family happiness and want you to know that together, we will be able to sustain our operations and open our doors to serve our brothers and sisters in need.

Warmest regards,

Linda Freundlich, Executive Director | (562) 269-3805